Helen Haoyi Yu is a multidisciplinary artist and creator from Vancouver, BC.

She was born in Shanghai, China, and began her undergraduate studies at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2015. In 2017, she returned to Vancouver to pursue her passion of teaching at the Academy of Modern Art. Helen is an experimental, multi-disciplinary artist interested in exploring diverse cultures and lifestyles through illustrations, paintings, photography, and time-based media. Currently, she works with clientele from Vancouver, Shanghai, and New York while she completes her studies at RISD (Class of 2021).

余豪艺出生在上海,2015年就读罗德岛设计学院,2017年开始在温哥华的Academy of Modern Art进修教育。 2017年在上海开启Helen Haoyi Yu办公室,以及与上海昆曲团合作共同宣传《长生殿》。现Helen余豪艺以回到美国罗德岛完成本科,在上海,温哥华,纽约等城市接受定制品及项目。


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